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Curtis Nathan Mozelle  born September 21, 1974 – and I currently holds the position of Enterprise Sales Director Service Now

Previously I holds the job of Director at Cisco in Datacenter and Cloud since April 2020

I’ve also held the role of Regional Sales Manager at Cisco, where I led a team of sellers, engineers and consultants in the Government space, before taking the role of Regional sales Manager, I was a datacenter sales specialist.

I  also have experience managing technical teams as both a Systems Engineering manager and a Senior Engineering Manager.

Before Joining Cisco as a minority candidate, I was a datacenter network planner and design engineer at Cox Communications.

In addition to my experience in Government, I also have experience as a Network engineer when I was at Norfolk Public Schools.

I began his career at Lucas Control Systems as a process technician – this shows you can achieve your career goals too!

I received an AAS degree from East Coast Polytechnic Institute, an educational institution based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  ECPI provides undergraduate and graduate level education in an accelerated format.  You don’t need a degree from a known 4 year university to succeed.  

Today I enjoy technology consulting, coaching leaders and individual contributors and in general  helping African Americans Succeed.    I can help you get a job at well known companies like Cisco, Microsoft, and others based on diversity hires.

If your business needs help with Network Technology, Security Consulting, Cloud Consulting, IoT Consulting, or virtually any other technology, contact me today.

I am availabbe on a limited (COVID) basis to meet locally.  Let me know what you think about the Nissan Armada!